The fantail is one of New Zealand’s most well-known birds, it has an energetic nature, distinctive tail and loud bird call. During waking hours the bird is almost never still and you will often hear its friendly song, see its fast flying antics and impressive acrobatics.

The fantail is widely distributed and frequents environments from native forest to suburban gardens. Though small in size it stands out amongst other birds. With its characteristic fantail it can change direction swiftly and outpace its competition.

Fantails are very inquisitive and will often bounce around you, keeping a close eye, flitting in and out of trees and following just a meter or so behind you.

Fantail Communications is founded by Rebecca Simpson. With a Bachelor in Fine Arts, majored in Design and over ten years experience in promotions Rebecca has the right formula for making sure you are seen and heard.

’I love sharing peoples passions, skills and knowledge. With a variety of experience in both the arts and corporate sector, books has been my main passion and I feel privileged to have worked with so many experts in their field, from gardening, psychology, business, arts, cooking, and fiction, just to name a few.’

Fantail communications is nimble and amplified, cutting through the noise with my distinctive tune.

I thrive off

• Genuine connections – fantails love associating with flocks of other forest species.

• Sharing passions and knowledge – flying together.

• Telling your story – chirping your tune, singing louder together.

• Making sure you are heard – fantails are vocally expressive creatures that can be heard at a distance by human ears.

• Looking after the environment – being out in the New Zealand habitat. 

• Being seen everywhere – fantails enjoy a wide variety of habitats, from native bush, exotic forests, shrublands and urban areas.

• Using my intuition - birds are sensitive to their surroundings and have very keen eyesight and hearing. 

• Being on the go - energetic in nature, fantails just love to flit around.

• Caring for people - this tiny, fluttering bird will stay close.

• Communication - the fantail is in expert in 'bird language,' the secret language of the natural landscape.

• Being unique – with distinctive tails the birds are easily recognisable.